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How To Advertise Your Business On Google Part 3: How Much Does It Cost?

  • Ray Junior
  • May 5, 2018
  • Ray Junior
  • May 5, 2018

Google Doesn’t Set A Price

Unlike any other form of advertising on the planet, Google doesn’t dictate what your price is going to be. Because this is an auction, Google simply waits to see what you’re willing to pay.

The cost of an individual click run"Neither you nor Google set that price, so who does? I answer that question in this short video."s the gamut, but is always correct for your specific industry. For instance: The cost of a click in some industries can be as little as a few pennies, but mesothelioma lawyers pay $1000 or more for ONE CLICK! But don’t let that scare you because, as I stated, that’s their industry and what it bears. Given the millions of dollars one click can bring them, they don’t care about the $1000, it’s pennies compared to what they will make.

You will have the same experience in your industry if your campaign is set up correctly: you won’t care about the cost of a click because the leads you generate and close will more than cover it.

So what’s the cost of a click? Neither you nor Google set that price, so who does? I answer that question in this short video.

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Ray is a native Floridian and one of the few pioneers of digital marketing still standing.

Ray’s been marketing businesses, products and services over the web for more than 2 decades and has an innate sense of exactly how to generate leads and/or sell product over the web.

Ray also specializes in fixing sales funnels for small businesses and trains business owners how to get their employees closing more sales.

He’s a certified Google Adwords Professional and specializes in helping small business owners on a limited budget get more leads out of Adwords than they ever thought possible.

Ray is also the host of the Ray Junior Show on 102.5fm in Orlando, Florida.

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