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Breaking The Internet

You may have heard the phrase “that video is breaking the internet”, which is slang for when something goes incredibly viral. We want to try and break the internet with your website.

When you reach the top of Google with us, you simply will not be able to keep up with the amount of leads.

At Business Passion, we’re not interested in just battling with your competition… we want to utterly crush them online and put you in first place.

We Exist For One Purpose:

To Grow Your Small Business

The Fantastic Four

Here's the rock solid, fail safe, certified, kid tested/mom approved online strategy that works every time. Execute well on these and you'll win:

  • Mobile Responsive Website

    It’s not enough for your website to be mobile friendly, it’s got to be specifically tailored for results

  • Compelling Content

    It’s not enough to just make new content. You must make people want to share it

  • Social Media

    And it’s not enough to just have a social media presence, you must get people to engage

  • PPC

    Make no mistake: Pay Per Click (like Google Adwords) is ESSENTIAL to winning in today’s internet world

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We’ve been doing this internet & website thing for a long time and we know we can make your website produce massive amounts of leads. Spend a few minutes with us and we’ll give you a RADIO AD FOR FREE (including production costs at no charge). No strings. No gimmicks. No slimy sales tactics. Click the button, and it’s yours!

Don't Take Our Word For It...

  • “The reason I went with Ray is because he was recommended by one of our larger clients that said he did a great job on marketing and lead generation.I wanted him to show me and my other guys ways to get leads off of the internet… and he has done an exceptional job, we do get a tremendous amount of leads. Every year it gets bigger and bigger and the more he does, the more leads we get.”

    AJ Munson Munson Air Conditioning
  • We were looking for some help with our marketing when we met Ray with Business Passion, and we knew from our first meeting that we wanted to do business with him. He has always been truly concerned about learning our business so he can help us make the best marketing decisions, but his expertise doesn't stop there... he knows marketing, he knows business, and he knows technology. Thanks to Business Passion, 90% of our new customers find us online.

    Kevin Lane Fast Lane Automotive



Mar 7, 2017
By layout

Let me be very clear about this:  Google Adwords is amazing, and you need to include it as an integral piece your SEO strategy . If you’re not familiar with it, Google Adwords is the name of Google’s advertising program (you know: the ads you see above the search results). When done properly by someone keeping a sharp eye on your quality scores, it’s a great way to be at the top of the advertising results. Having said that, it should be noted that being at the top of the PAID results is... read more
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Mar 6, 2017
By Ray Junior

MAKING SEARCH ENGINES LOVE YOU Search engine and SEO optimizers usually fall into two categories: Those who charge under $200/month and don’t actually provide any measurable results for you and those who are $800+/month and are wonderful at what they do, but completely out of the range of the average small business owner. It’s why I started Ray Junior Marketing: We do SEO and marketing for small business at an amazing price and get great results for you from your website. It’s why we... read more
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Mar 1, 2017
By Ray Junior

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] You have no idea how much your sales increase when you hit the top of Google until you actually get there and see what it’s like. I promise you, from business owner to business owner: it will be like a drug addiction... once you feel it, you’ll never go back. Because we specialize in SEO and getting better results in the search engine rankings for small business owners, I’m always looking for the common trends that prevent success. Perhaps the... read more
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Jan 2, 2017
By Ray Junior

If we were to measure the power of a particular medium to produce sales for you on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the most powerful of all, there are only two mediums that rank at #10: 1. Word of mouth from a friend (pretty much guarantees a sale) 2. Being at the top of the search engine results (pretty much guarantees lots of visitors) The closest competitor to these, likely topping out at a maximum of 7,  would be properly targeted radio, tv or billboards, but even then it’s just stuff... read more
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Dec 5, 2016
By Ray Junior

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Do you know what the most common phrase is that business owners hear today when they pick up the phone? “Hi Sally, we can get you to the top of the search engines”. Do you know what the best response is to this?  “So what...?” [click] You know why getting you to the top of the search engine doesn’t matter? Imagine someone sending you off to battle with thousands of bullets but no gun... that’s what it’s like when search engines send you... read more
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Just say hi and we’ll give you a RADIO AD FOR FREE (including production costs at no charge). No strings. No gimmicks. No slimy sales tactics. Click the button, and it’s yours!

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