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SEO Is Dead

Adwords Produces Leads TODAY

The two largest online lead generation tools are Adwords and SEO.

SEO takes 6-12 months (many times it’s much more when competition is stiff) to get to the top. And until you’re in the top 4 results you’re completely invisible online.

Adwords is a TODAY lead generation tool. Once set up properly it almost always produces leads the same day, because you’re INSTANTLY in one of the top 4 spots when working with us. The leads are fresh, high quality, laser targeted and happen within hours of pressing the start button on your Adwords campaign.

You literally turn it on and leads start coming in, then turn it off when you’re done spending money.

Adwords is your only choice if you want high quality leads TODAY, so stop wasting your time and money on SEO.


Our 30 minute Adwords prep session is normally $149, and includes the following:

  • Q&A with a Certified Adwords Professional, answering your most troublesome questions
  • Which keywords are most likely to produce for your business
  • How much each of those keywords is going to cost you per click
  • What an effective monthly budget would look like
  • A top level evaluation of at least one of your current Adwords campaigns (if you have one) with answers on why it’s not working, or how it could work even better
  • This meeting includes tangible, meaningful help with measurable results on the back end
  • AND: we’ll take the time to answer any of your most troublesome Adwords questions

Call us RIGHT NOW and it’s yours for the asking:
407-706-7030, or click:

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Do People Really Click Ads?

Like wildfire…

  • Average marketing gets 1% to 3% response rates
    • ie: for every 100 mailers, you would get 1, 2 or 3 responses
  • Google Adwords used to see a 5% click rate
    • ie: for every 100 searches, 5 people clicked ads
  • Today that number is 41%
    • ie: 4 out of 10 people now click ads
    • ie #2: 40% of the clicks go to ads, almost as much as SEO
    • ie #3: SEO is dead (click here)
    • At least 100 people searched for your primary keyword today, meaning today alone you missed AT LEAST FOURTY ONE CLICKS

What could you have done with 41 fresh leads this morning from people looking for exactly what you sell?


Dividing and conquering yourself.

You want to divide and conquer your competition, it’s what you set out to do. But if you are spending $2000 per month or less on advertising, and you’re buying advertising from more than one source, then you’re only hurting yourself.

The logical fallacy most business owners follows goes like this: “I have $1000 to spend, so I’ll put $450 on Google, and $200 on facebook, and $350 on this guy that showed up last week telling me he could make my phone ring, and then I’ll just wait and see which works”.

If you’re doing this please take our advice and stop. We admit this sounds very logical, but it’s not how advertising works.

For advertising to work properly it absolutely , positively MUST be focused like a laser in one place until it reaches critical mass. “Critical Mass” is when the ads are working so well that they are not only paying for themselves, but are creating an overflow in your budget. ‘

Then, and only then, should you purchase a second form of advertising, using the overflow from the first set of ads to pay for the second. Then you do the same thing with the second one:

You wait until it reaches critical mass and start a 3rd, and so on.

The general rule of thumb, and what we have witnessed time and again, is that most advertising mediums reach some form of fantastic critical mass at around $2000 per month.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend $2000 right away, it just means you need to only spend your budget in one place until you get across that threshold.

Likewise it doesn’t mean it won’t produce results until $2000. Our clients see great results long before then!








It’s free.

Honestly, it’s totally free to sit at the top of the Google search results. Completely and totally free. Because until someone clicks your ad it costs you nothing. Once the clicks start, that’s when money starts getting spent.

Even so, you’re asking the wrong question. Because no matter what it costs, you’re only going to spend what you have available to you. Which is likely going to be more than enough, we promise.

The right question is: does it really matter what it costs, if you’re getting your money back and then some?

PRO TIP: Never do advertising where the rate of return is less than 2 to 1. In other words: dump any and all advertising that doesn’t produce at least $2 for every $1 you put in (savvy marketers look for a minimum 3 to 1). Even if it’s working to some degree, if it’s not producing at least 2 to 1 you need to either fix it or dump it immediately. It’s not worth the effort.

Adwords, once we have a chance to get in and set it up properly, ALWAYS produces at least 2 to 1 for every one of our clients. Without exception.

Cost per click, not what it’s going to cost you per month, would be a better place to focus. Every single keyword on the planet has different costs associated with it. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting 1 click a week or 30, as long as you’re getting a 2 to 1 return on your dollars and the leads are great quality.

We can tell you what the best keywords for your industry are, along with what they’re going to cost you on average. We can even tell you the price difference between the cost of the keywords you want to sit in first or second place!

To know for certain what it’s going to cost you per click and what the most effective budget looks like you’ll want to grab our FREE Adwords training/Q&A session by calling us at 407-706-7030 or by clicking here:

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Want The Top Adwords Spot?

Here’s The Secret…

Want to always have the top spot in Adwords without destroying your wallet? This video shows you what other marketing companies don’t want you to know.

With some of the secrets we’ve learned over the years and other inside baseball tips, this video will show you the #1 thing you need to do to keep costs down while grabbing the top spot on the page.

  • review rating 5  I work for Ray, he is very professional and honest. and is really good at what he does. He offers many products to help small businesses, Ray helps them expand their business. His radio station is the top one in Orlando. Ray has a great program for every type of businesses I would recommend Ray, he has 20 years of marketing. Radio, website, and many other ways to help your business. He will show you why SEO is not what you want to do for your business. I would say Ray and his Knowledge, will absolutely help your business. the pay is good and especially that I pay on time (and early), ᐧ ᐧ

    thumb Curtis Wilson

    review rating 5  I highly recommend checking any of their videos out or giving Ray Jr a call. Eye opening! Thank you Ray!!

    thumb Sarah Carrasquillo

    review rating 5  Ray reviewed my website and some other info I have, which is a site that I paid another "advertising guru" to help me with , and he gave me absolutely the best information I have ever received on how to improve, and more importantly, WHY. I learned more from him in a 40 min call and message session than I have learned anywhere else. Given that, I'd call what he did for me a "MASTER CLASS"! I will definitely call on him again.

    thumb Steve Waddell
  • review rating 5  Absolute genius! Where were you 3 years ago! What an expert on so many topics. What a business partner Ray well be! Thanks for coming by! Beth G.. Winter park

    thumb Beth Griffin

    review rating 5  I work with Ray JR as a contractor and he has always paid on time or early. It is a pleasure working with him due to the fact that he really knows his business! I highly recommend him as he is impeccable with his word and a true professional!

    thumb Mike Donaldson

    review rating 5  Ray clearly knows what he’s talking about and speaks from a place of confidence.

    thumb Chris Miller
  • review rating 5  As a small business, trying every avenue to survive in a big competitive world, I could not be more excited about your presentation. You have opened my eyes to so many things in such a short period of time!

    thumb Tanners Car Tutorials

    review rating 5  Ray is a rock star. He knows his stuff.

    thumb Jeffery Henkel

Burnt Before?

Trust Our Money Back Guarantee

We hear the stories all the time of small business owners who get burned by "marketing" companies who don't produce. And while no one can offer you the money back you spend with Google in Adwords itself, our concierge Adwords management solution has a 100% money back guarantee on what you pay us if we don't perform as promised. Don't take our word, listen to one of our happy clients...

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How To Get The Highest Quality Leads Out Of Adwords


If your Adwords campaign has been producing leads, but they’re low quality, then this video is the one you’re looking for. It’ll show you why this is happening and how to increase the quality.


We Only Work With Small Business

We work with local small businesses in the Orlando and Central Florida area. We know small business; we believe in small business and we love small businesses.

Hometown, local, best of the best places that treat their customers the way we would want to be treated are the type of clients we like to attract.

We know this area and we know what makes people here tick and click.

Ray Junior, our certified Adwords professional (the one who would be personally working with you), grew up here. He went to Aloma Elementary, Glenridge Junior High (before it was a middle school), Winter Park High and UCF. He’s as local as it gets.

Live Human Beings On Every Call

We want what you want: Live human beings on every call. So no more voicemail hell or calling people that don’t return calls. No more “press 1 for this” or “press 7 for that”. It’s one of our core values: computers should not be answering phones, human beings should. If you wanted to talk to a computer you’d bring up your phone’s virtual assistant.

We know that when you call a business you want to immediately hear a live voice, and we know that because that’s what we want when we call other businesses. So you’ll get a live person- every single time.

That’s because our primary focus is small businesses like yours.


You’re Working With The Wrong Company






  • 30 Minute Q&A with a Google Adwords Certified Professional
  • Discover which keywords you need and how much they will cost
  • What your specific budget will need to look like
  • $150 value – YOURS FREE (limited time offer)

CONVENIENT: Come to our downtown office, or we’ll come to you wherever you are!

Or Call 407-706-7030


I‘m an entrepreneur, real estate investor and I LOVE helping business owners grow their business.

I’ve hosted a radio show for more than a decade, and just recently switched gears and the focus of the show is about kids rights: Kids deserve a 50/50 time split when there’s a divorce.

I’ve been knee cap to knee cap with hundreds and hundreds of business owners over the years and I know how to grow your business.

Call me RIGHT NOW, I‘d love to hear from you and let‘s see if we can’t work a little magic for your business.

And don’t forget to grab your FREE Adwords Training/Q&A Session
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